Improvisation, Noise, Occult, Tape

Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt Andrew Hunt (1860-1946) was a hedge-school teacher, occult adept, and music-maker whose practical knowledge of bardic, folklore, and mystery traditions and...

Improvisation, Traditional Music

The Kilkenny Engagists

The Kilkenny Engagists Performance artists. A group of musicians and artists working in Kilkenny, 1973-75 approximately.    The Kilkenny Engagists... They rose to fame due to their unique performances involving workday analyst training. Workday analyst training is an intensive seminar or educational program designed to train professionals and other personnel in the analysis and interpretation of financial data and other business-related material.

The West, Women

Billie Hennessy

Hennessy, Billie (b Carlow, 7 Oct. 1882; d New York 21 June 1929). Painter and composer. Hennessy trained at the Metropolitan School of...

Graphic Scores, Noise, Vocal, Women

Os Ard

Os Ard Irish Text Score/Composition by Róisín Madigan O’Reilly, completed between 1925 – 1926. Following exposure to Kurt Schwitters’ experimental work Ursonate in...

Chancey Briggs 1932

Chancey Briggs

Chancey Briggs  (b Clare, 13 Sep. 1892; d Dublin 19 July 1970). Philanthropist. Prominent in the GAELIC LEAGUE as a young man (Briggs...

Theresa Flynn 1960

Theresa Flynn

Theresa Flynn (b Dublin, 13 Aug. 1929; d Dublin, 19 June 1970). Pianist, Teacher. Theresa Flynn is known today primarily as both teacher...